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Private Pilot License

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Fly after sunset and before sunrise

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Commercial Licence / Instrument Rating


The Private Pilot’s License is considered to e the gateway to a career in aviation and is an essential part of the basic training required getting underway in making your dreams take flight.


Q  Minimum  of 45 hours of flight training

Q  Class II medical

Q  Restricted radio licence

Q  Ground school lectures

Q  7 written examinations

Q                       Aircraft General

Q                       Principles of flight

Q                       Air law

Q                       Navigation

Q                       Meteorology

Q                       Human Performance

Q                       Flight Planning

Q  Annual excess insurance fees

It should also be noted that the ground schooling and the flying phase are presented on a program determined by the availability and ability of the student, allowing for the student to pursue the course at a pace that is both comfortable and convenient.

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