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Private Pilot License

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Fly after sunset and before sunrise

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Commercial Licence / Instrument Rating


The applicant should:

1.      Be not less than 18 years of age

2.      Have passed a commercial pilot medical examination

3.      Hold a general certificate of competency in radiotelephony

4.      Have acquired a minimum of 200 hours flight time, which should include:

a.      100hrs  as Pilot in Command

b.      20 hrs cross country flight time as Pilot in command

c.       10 hrs night flying, including a night cross country as pilot in command

d.     40 hrs of instrument flight time, of which 20hrs may be done on a approved flight simulator

e.      Have passed the CAA theoretical examinations

f.        Have passed a commercial pilot’s license flight test by day and night, with an approved examiner

g.      The flight test must be carried out in at least a single-engine retractable aircraft, with a variable pitch propeller.


These are of the multiple-choice type and are written on computer at CAA Headquarters in Midrand, Johannesburg. Bookings and payment must be made in advance. Of the 8 subjects to be written, three subjects must be passed in the first sitting. All other subjects must be passed in the 4 remaining attempts. The pass mark is 75% on each subject.

The entry requirements for the examinations are as follows:

1.      The candidate must be the holder of a valid Private Pilot’s License

2.      The candidate no longer has to attend a ground school course although we highly recommend following a formal course before attempting examinations.

The following subjects have to be passed:            

1.      Meteorology

2.      Radio Aids

3.      Instruments

4.      Aircraft Technical & General

5.      Flight Planning & Performance

6.      Navigation

7.      Air law & Procedures

8.      Human Performance

Note: candidates have 2 years from the date of passing the examinations in which to complete the practical flight test.

Commercial Pilot’s License ground courses are presented from time to time at the academy and a schedule is again determined by the amount of students. This may also be presented “one-on-one” during or after-hours.

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