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Private Pilot License

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Fly after sunset and before sunrise

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Commercial Licence / Instrument Rating


There are no minimum educational requirements however applicants must be medically fit and proficient in English.

Students can enrol directly with AFRIKA UNION AVIATION ACADEMY’s  admissions and administration staff who can be contacted at the following numbers or addresses;

Tel:                                         +27 (0)18 385 1080

Fax:                                         +27 (0)18 385 1046 / +27(0)18 385 1024/26

Email:                                      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mail:                                        PO Box 50379, Mafikeng South 2971 South Africa

Admission requirements for foreign students

Students are required to obtain and then submit a completed student application form from AUAA’s admissions and administration staff as well as the relevant fees. Once this is received a letter of admission will be granted addressed to the Home Affairs department confirming enrolment and to aid with the application for a visa / study permit, please note that students are responsible for their visa applications.

Foreign licence validations

Students who already hold foreign licences will have to obtain South African Licences to proceed with further training in South Africa

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