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Private Pilot License

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Fly after sunset and before sunrise

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Commercial Licence / Instrument Rating


About Academy

Situated at in Mafikeng at an ex Air Force base, we boast the second largest civilian runway on the continent and excellent airport facilities including; instrument landing system (ILS), very high frequency omni-range (VOR), night flying facilities and two non-directional beacons (NDB). The Air Traffic Control Tower promotes our student’s development of radio procedures and the perfect weather conditions assist our dedicated instructors to conduct speedy and high quality training with student pilots. The General Flying area is a mere 5 minutes flying time away from base. This has the advantages that all available time is spent on training and also has a definite impact on total cost for flying time, at the end of the course.



Our extensive on-campus facilities are the beginnings of the first Aviation University on the African continent. The academy campus consists of aircraft hangers, operations and simulator centre, briefing rooms, and on-campus student accommodation and a recreational centre that is affectionately termed “The Mess.” All these amenities are contained on the same property, within walking distance.

 Registration and accreditation status

AUAA is accredited with South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as a flight training institution as well as the accreditation with the Transport Education and Training Association – TETA. The purpose of this accreditation is to protect students against poor quality training programmes as wee as to maintain the credibility of aviation qualifications.

All AUAA training syllabi are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority, which ensures training of the highest standard. AUAA’s dedicated flight instructors are highly trained and some are private airline pilots with thousands of hours logged. It is compulsory for all students to be check-flown by the Chief Flying Instructor or his assistant from time to time, to ensure that the training provided by the instructors remains on par with the high standard set by the academy.

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